Brandy, Cremisan Winery

About: Following the tradition initiated by Italian Brother, Ermenegildo Lamon, Cremisan Brandy is made through a slow double distillation using a unique local indigenous white grape, Dabouki. Cremisan Brandy is produced at the Cremisan Winery and Distillery in Beit Jala, Bethlehem, Palestine founded in 1885. 

Base Alcohol: locally harvested, dry farmed Dabouki grapes are fermented into a base wine

Distillation: Cremisan Brandy is twice distilled

Maturation:The spirit is aged for 35 years in Italian oak barrels before bottling

Characteristics: rich, full Brandy with aromas of toffee, sultana, salted caramel, and orange marmalade

Size: 700ml

ABV: 40.5%