Arak Muaddi

About: Traditional, small batch craft Arak produced in Bethlehem, West Bank by Nader Muaddi. 700ml bottles, 53% abv

Base Alcohol: The Muaddi Craft Distillery uses four indigenous Palestinian white grape varietals to make the base wine for Arak Muaddi– Dabouki, Zeini, Hamdani and Jandali. Grapes are harvested by hand in late September/ early October.

Distillation: Immediately after all of the sugar has been converted into alcohol, the base wine is pumped into a direct-fire, Arabian alembic pot still, where it is triple distilled. For the third distillation, the spirit is pumped into the still along with locally sourced, green aniseed. The ethanol and anethole (aniseed oil) are vaporized simultaneously and condensed into one spirit.

Maturation: The spirit is then matured for a minimum of 12 months prior to bottling at which point the spirit is diluted to 53% abv with Jordan Valley spring water


Berlin International Spirits Competition Arak of the Year 2019 awarded to Arak Muaddi from Palestine Berlin international spirits competition awards Arak Muaddi a 94 point score and gold award Berlin international spirits competition awards Arak Muaddi a 94 point score and gold award New York International Spirits Competition awards Arak Muaddi Arak of the Year in 2019

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The Muaddi Craft Distillery is a family owned and operated boutique distillery that specializes in the production of genuine, handcrafted, small-batch arak, made with traditional methods and high-quality, all-natural ingredients.


Arak Muaddi is an ultra-premium spirit that is made with passion, artistry and respect for heritage. It caters to the aficionado who appreciates the unaltered flavor of the Levant.


We produced our first vintage in October 2017, which consisted of 480 bottles that debuted in November of 2018. Though we are eager to meet market demand and make Arak Muaddi more widely available, we are only willing to grow at a pace in which we can uphold the superiority of our arak. Thus, for the foreseeable future, we will continue to be a low-volume, seasonal producer.


Arak Muaddi is a truly Palestinian splendor. Our grapes come from vineyards located in western Bethlehem and northern Hebron, in the villages of Beit Jala, Al Khader, Shuyukh al-Arrub, Beit Ummar and Halhoul. Our aniseed is sourced from Raba, Jaba’ and Maythaloun in Jenin. The water we use to proof our arak is rainwater harvested on site in an underground cistern, carved into limestone substrate.


Throughout the Mediterranean and the broader Middle East, arak is considered the sole drink to accompany mezze and the region’s mixed grill. This is because arak cleanses the taste buds with every sip and refreshes the palate so that one can enjoy a myriad of dishes with contending flavor profiles.

Therefore, we set out to make an authentic arak available on the Palestinian market that is on par with the gourmet food being served at Palestine’s finest restaurants.


From grape to glass, we adhere to a strictly traditional recipe.

Arak Muaddi is made from crushed, naturally fermented and hand-pressed Dabouki grapes. The resulting wine is then triple distilled in a direct fire, alembic pot still, where it is concentrated, purified and infused with indigenous aniseed. Then, as custom dictates, it is matured in clay amphorae for 12-months prior to bottling, at which point its strength is diluted to 53% alcohol with harvested rainwater

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