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NOITA Winery


Noita is Finland’s pioneering natural winery located in a former blade factory in the village of Fiskars, just an hour west of Helsinki. Founded by Simon McCabe, an experienced brewer turned winemaker, Noita blends traditional winemaking techniques with innovative brewing practices to create unique, low intervention natural wines with no fining or filtration, and little to no added So2.

The Vision.

Austrian grapes, Finnish vision. Sustainable through and through. 

Noita, meaning “Witch” in Finnish, was born from Simon’s passion for working with grapes. With a background in brewing sour beers and co-fermentations, Simon transitioned to winemaking upon moving to Finland in 2018. His self-taught approach and technical expertise have driven Noita to produce exceptional wines that reflect the purity and freshness of their Austrian grape origins.

Grapes are sourced from the certified organic Hafner Family Estates in Burgenland, Austria. Harvested and transported to the winery in under 50 hours, these grapes maintain their freshness, resulting in vibrant, expressive wines. Noita’s commitment to minimal intervention means no added sulfites and a focus on natural fermentations, using methods like direct pressing into stainless steel tanks and experimenting with Georgian qvevri.

The Process.

Thoughtfully crafted by hand. 

The Wines.

Natural. Never fined or filtered. 

Noita offers a range of natural wines that are both playful and complex. From the juicy, dark-fruited Pinot Noir to the bright and tart Chardonnay, each bottle embodies Simon’s meticulous care and innovative spirit. The winery also produces unique piquettes and spritzers, crafted from winemaking by-products, reflecting Noita’s dedication to sustainability and creativity.