Sauvignon Blanc


Summary: Sauvignon Blanc was handpicked from a small vineyard in the Upper Galilee. This elegant wine is dry and has crisp acidity and is characterized with pronounced flavors of lemon, grass, and fresh wet stone minerality. 750ml 13% ABV

Grape Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Jabal al Jarmaq (Mount Meron), Galilee Highlands

Soil: White Chalk

Sweetness: Dry (0.4g/l)

Production: The grapes this Sauvignon Blanc were handpicked from a small vineyard lying at the foothills of Jabal al Jarmaq (Mount Meron) in the Upper Galilee. A gentle cold breeze and white chalky soil extends the ripening season, providing fresh minerality and mouthwatering acidity. The grapes of this were wine were crushed, pressed, and fermented for 6 weeks in stainless steel vats in temperature between 10 celsius. The wine was then stabilized and filtered only once before bottling.