Phoenix Merwah Skin-Contact

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Natural Skin-Contact Orange Still Wine – 750ml

First Made: 2017

Grape: Merwah (100%)

Farming: Organic

Yield: Merwah: 25hL / Ha

Alcohol Content: 12.5%

Residual Sugar: 0 g/L

PH Level: 3.1

SO2: 5 PPM


Region: Dimane, Qannboubine Valley – North Lebanon (1,600m)

Indigenous Merwah vines, over 150 year old

Best Opened: Best to open at 14-20 degrees celsius as one would a red wine.

Winemaking Method: Picked in middle of October and crushed into 2-proportional lots, then fermented in stainless tanks and amphoras. The wine is fermented on skins for 3 weeks, the cap is gently broken by hand a few times a day, and is then racked off skins in the middle of November into half neutral barrels and half stainless tanks. The temperature at the winery reaches -5 degrees celsius, consistently in winter, allowing for natural cold stabilization of the wine. MLF happens in Spring, the wine is bottled in May.